Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf

President RCCI

President Message

Excellence is potential chiseled into a more perfect state through vision, dedication and determination. Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set. After the successful international sequels of 29th, 30th, 31st and 32nd International Achievement Awards this time with the joint efforts of my team we are organizing 33rd International Achievement Awards.

RCCI is the one of supporting network for businesses. At large it is serving the business community and provides a platform to promote the economic development of Pakistan. In order to strengthen the bilateral trade globally we have organized number of national and international exhibitions, business opportunities conference and delegation nationally as well as internationally.

I am very hopeful that with this initiative, our businessmen would have chance to have joint ventures in future and to emphasize the healthier and strong ties with the business community locally, nationally as well as globally. Pakistan has great strategic importance and development potential. I also wish Best of luck to the team of 33rd RCCI Annual Achievement Awards.