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Information about IAA 2018 and Azerbaijan:

Where is Azerbaijan located?

Azerbaijan is the largest of the three countries of the South Caucasus. It is located on the eastern side of the Caspian Sea. It borders on Russia and Georgia to the north, on Armenia to the west, on Turkey and Iran to the south.

Azerbaijan in the past has played a major role in the Silk Way and has been connecting Western Asia to Europe. It is over 4,000 miles of the trade way. The name of the route derives from the Chinese silk that was traded in.


Why Azerbaijan is called the Land of Fires?

There are several theories as to why Azerbaijan is called the Land of Fires. Here are some of them:

  • In one of the earliest known theories Azerbaijan is called Aturpatakan. In the translation from Persian it means the place where a sacred fire is stored.
  • Oil recovery on the Absheron peninsula dates back to the 7th-6th centuries B. C., and this makes the area one of the oldest oil regions in the world. Oil industry on the Absheron peninsula is mentioned in the works of ancient and medieval historians. The Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus (4th century B. C.) points out in his paper History the Midian Oil (the so called Oil in the local language) used in ancient Azerbaijan.
  • In Azerbaijan natural fires result from gas burning. Since fire comes from the depths, it creates the effect of a burning land. Worshiping fire was a traditional form in ancient Azerbaijan, since the times of Zoroastrianism (which used to be one of the largest world religions considering fire to be sacred). Dissemination of Zoroastrianism can be traced throughout the whole territory of Azerbaijan.
  • In the Greek mythology Prometheus was chained to the mountain of Caucasus upon the order of Zeus. It was his punishment for stealing fire from gods and giving it to mankind.


What is the time difference between Pakistan and Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is 1 hour behind Pakistan.


What is the climate of Baku?

The capital Baku lies on the coast, 28 meters (92 feet) below sea level (The Caspian Sea). Here, the temperature variation is 4 C (39.5 F) to 26.5 C (79.5 F).


Which currency is being used in Azerbaijan?

The national currency of Azerbaijan is manat (AZN). It is designed by letter M that looks as a symbol of Euro turned 90 degrees. 1 manat equals 100 kopecks (100 q).


What is Comparison Difference between Azerbaijan Currency Manat and Pakistani Currency Rupee?

1 Azerbaijani Manat equals to 67.94 Pakistani Rupee. (As of May 14, 2018)


How long will my e-Visa be valid for?

E-Visa validity period is 30 days. The period of stay cannot exceed 30 days.


What types of visas are available for those visiting the Republic of Azerbaijan?

E-Visa is tourism, business trip, science, education, labor, culture, sports, medical treatment, personal or official trip purposes. E-Visa is single entry only.


Distance and Flight Time between Islamabad and Baku:

Flight time from Baku to Islamabad is 8 hours 55 minutes. Distance from Baku to Islamabad is approximately 2180 kilometers.


How expensive it is to stay in Azerbaijan?

Currently, the prices for hotel accommodation, food in restaurants, shopping and entertainment in Baku and Azerbaijan in general is noticeably lower than in the majority of popular touristic countries and locations in Europe and Asia.



Is it possible to use foreign currency at Azerbaijani hotels, shops and food courts?

The official currency in Azerbaijan is the manat, and all the settlements and payments on the countrys territory are implemented in the national currency. However, you can exchange the money upon arrival at the airport, or any branches of banks. Also, you shall be able to withdraw cash in the local currency by means of the ATM machines, widely available at all the residential areas.

Cards of international Visa and MasterCard payment systems are accepted at the majority of large commercial and retail facilities.


Popular Places to visit in Azerbaijan:

  • Baku Museum of Miniature Books
  • National Museum of History of Azerbaijan
  • Nizami Museum of Azerbaijani Literature
  • Baku Museum of Modern Art
  • Baku Ferris wheel
  • Mini-Venice, Baku
  • Gabala City
  • Shahdag